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Previous Event Information!

After heading out to Los Angeles in May 2022 for Rupaul’s Drag Con, a fire was really lit.  We wanted to start creating spaces where we could share our passion with the community.  While in Los Angeles, we were able to network with some elites in the drag community, and raised $4,000 for True Colors United, a national organization.  We were overwhelmed with the generosity of the west coast, and knew we wanted to charge forward and truly create something special.  To keep the momentum going, we decided to organize an event to raise funds for Drag Con 2023 with a portion to go to local charity, The Attic Youth Center.  On August 6, 2022 we hosted a successful drag festival at Love City Brewing in Philadelphia.  With over 30 local performers, food pop ups, vendors, and Roxxxy Andrews from Rupaul’s Drag Race, we raised $3,000.  Our next venture was at Evil Genius Beer in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia.  We had over 20 local versatile performers and raised over $2,000 for the Mazzoni Center.  Next up on the roster was Rupaul's Drag Con for our second year!  We were able to network once again, and raised over $2,000!  Almost as soon as we came back home, we alredy had our next event we called "Squad Games".  We had an open call for local drag squads to compete for Philadelphia's Squad of the Year!  Not only did we have the opportunity to watch some wild competition, we also raised money for the Mazzoni Center again!  The next event is already in the works!  We cannot wait to move forward with this venture and help as many of the LGBTQIA+ youth as possible.

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